Which Brands Of Stainless Steel Cookware Have the Best Reputation

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If you search online for stainless steel cookware, you will find many brands and styles to choose from. But which brands have great reputations? Some companies have been around for a long time and are highly regarded.  I remember when you could buy the same car brand for cookbookyears based on quality and reputation, but that’s not always accurate today. Companies change ownership, quality often deteriorates. There are a lot of factors that can cause a previously highly respected company to lose its ranking.

Trying to sort this all out and determine which brands today deserve the reputation of ”best” takes time and effort. I have dug through several online reviews and at times physically inspected stainless steel cookware from the top sellers today. Here is what I have found.

All Clad

Anyone who has done any searching for stainless cookware has run or will run into this name. There is no escaping it. They are considered to be the preeminent stainless steel cookware brand on the market and it has a price tag to match.

They practically invented the cladding process for cookware. The founder, John Ulam, received a patent for this special process in 1967. The company is located in Pennsylvania where its cookware is handcrafted.

It is famous for extending the cladding from the bottom of the pots and pans to the sides. Owners of this cookware give it rave reviews. Some do mention that the handles are not comfortable but the even cooking of food is superb.

The quality of the workmanship is so great that the items last for a lifetime, thus, considering the fact that it’s practically indestructible, the cost seems negligible. Each piece also comes with a lifetime warranty. All Clad’s superb reputation continues today


Whereas All Clad makes excellent cookware that may be beyond many budgets, Cuisinart is another American company which turns out excellent products, but this time at a more affordable price.

Carl Somtheimer an MIT physicist and his wife, both culinary aficionados, admired the excellent cookware of the French and decided to establish their own company by importing top-of-the-line French cookware.

That was in 1971. The company has grown to become one of the best known cookware brands on the market. Today it is owned by the Conair Company, a well-known beauty products brand, and its products are manufactured in China.

Cuisinart has the reputation of producing great quality cookware backed up by a lifetime warranty. Its MCP 12N Stainless Steel Set is widely regarded as an excellent alternative to All Clad. The cladding extends up the sides of the pots and pans which you don’t often find in cookware.

It is very durable and of medium heavy weight which is in contrast to All Clad’s quite heavy pots and pans. It also has very comfortable ergonomic handles which stay cool to the touch. Cuisinart has other lines of pots and pans, too, at very reasonable prices.


A relatively new entrance into the stainless steel market, but not to cookware. Calphalon had its start in Perrysbury, Ohio back in 1963 serving the commercial food industry. It was then called the Commercial Aluminum Cookware Company. It became popular when it introduced hard anodizing cookware in the late 1960s.

In 1998 it was purchased by Newell Rubbermaid and became known as the Calphalon Company which is a well-known brand. In 2001 the company branched out into tri-ply stainless steel cookware. While the company is located in America, the cookware is made in China.

Recent owners of their tri-ply cookware sets leave excellent reviews citing its durability and stating it does a good job of heating food evenly. The pots and pans are medium heavy and well constructed. It’s a very good buy for the price. Calaphon’s cookware is backed up with a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship.


T-Fal has an illustrious history and an extensive line of cookware products. It all began in 1954 when Marc Gregoire applied teflon to his wife’s pans like he did to his fishing gear. As you can imagine, the results were spectacular. Two years later T-Fal was started and became the first creator of non-stick pans. T-Fal is a French company now owned by Groupe SEB.

The company is so well-known that their name is almost synonymous with non stick pots and pans. The company does not produce as many stainless steel cookware sets as teflon but their reputation extends to stainless as well.

Their Elegance Stainless steel set gets high ratings online. As you would expect from a company with so much experience, the cookware is well made. The material may not be as thick as the brands above, but it is not thin cookware. Best of all, though, the price is very reasonable.

All of these companies have been around for decades. They may have changed owners but their reputation remains intact. Their products are well-made and durable. You can purchase cookware from either with confidence.

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