Is Low Cost Stainless Steel Cookware A Waste Of Money

I am one of those who is skeptical of extremely low cost products delivering top quality. I have bought enough productsCheap Car quote in my lifetime to know that this is sometimes true. but certainly not always.

Take sales, for instance. There are many times when higher-end products are on sale or available with discount coupons and I consider that the best time for buying anything I really want.

But what if you want or need something when you can’t find a sale price, should you buy inexpensive products or would it be a waste of money.

Depends. In the case of stainless steel cookware,  there any sets on the market that are rated highly by owners who are very happy with their purchase and are good buys right out the gate.

Cook N Home Stainless Steel Cookware Sets
One company that stands out is Cook N Home. This company is located in California but their products are made in China.  Surprise! When I first learned about the number of sets they sell and their high rating reviews, I was skeptical and decided to do more research.

The company also makes cookware sets under the brand name Cooks Standard.  Both brands have sets that are extremely inexpensive, I mean the prices are so low that  it’s hard to believe their pots and pans are worth buying.  Fortunately, they are.

You can find thousands of reviews online that give this company and their cookware high ratings.  Many consumers who have bought their products state that they buy this brand with the intention of moving to more expensive cookware later, but stick with their Cook N Home sets because they are satisfied with its cooking performance.

Qualities Of Good Stainless Steel Cookware
What owners like about this cookware is that it is not heavy but also isn’t thin.  It is medium in weight. In most instances, thin stainless steel pots and pans are a waste of money.

They don’t heat evenly and cause hot spots leaving some parts of your food cooked well and other parts raw.  And worst of all, food burns easily when using them.  So in these sets, a cheap price does not equate a bargain and is more like a waste of money.

When you want to buy cookware, first determine how many pieces you would like to have and then check reviews online.   You can also find a comparison list of brands and prices at this site. Then go for the best sets that your budget can handle.


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  2 comments for “Is Low Cost Stainless Steel Cookware A Waste Of Money

  1. Terrin
    March 30, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    Can you review appliances as well? I am shopping for stainless steel refrigerators and can use some help narrowing the field down.

    • Sunshine
      April 3, 2016 at 11:37 am

      Thank you for visiting my site. At present I am committed to cookware reviews. You may be able to find a small amount of information from this post about brushed vs mirror polished stainless steel: A primary concern when purchasing SS refrigerators is fingerprints. A brushed finish is usually better at hiding these prints and may be promoted under such terms as “smudge proof.”

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