Heim Concept Stainless Steel Cookware Review

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Heim Concept Stainless CookwareThis is another entry into the budget-friendly stainless steel marketplace. But budget-friendly is about the only positive description one can give. This set is the lowest price of any 12 piece stainless steel cookware that I have come across.

It’s not available in many places and the number of reviews online is very small compared to its nearest competitor price-wise.

It gets mixed reviews. Those who say they are pleased with it generally restrict their comments to basics like, it’s fine, shiny or they were pleased with it because they weren’t looking for professional cookware.

And those who don’t like it at all give it the lowest rating possible calling it cheap and of very poor quality. One user summed it up as being serviceable and economical and not much more.

Bottom and Sides

The set is stainless steel. Description posted online states that it has a 3 layer thermal bottom and also an encapsulated bottom, but this does not tell you what type of material makes up the layers.
Stainless steel is a poor conductor of heat. If it’s not used with another metal, it does not heat food evenly. Usually aluminum or the more expensive copper is layered between two stainless steel layers.

This way food heats quickly and evenly avoiding hot spots which could make some parts of the food cook quickly while other parts need more time to cook.

This layering is commonly referred to as clad, tri ply or 3 ply. There is no information on the company’s website explaining what type of metal is in the thermal bottom.

Another description of the set says: “This heat technology heats the food from the bottom and up the side walls of the cookware.” But again, there is no clear determination as to what this means.

It could possibly mean that since the bottom is layered in some way, the heat from the layers extends up along the sides. I do not feel the sides are composed of tri ply or clad layering.

Tri ply bottoms do enable food to heat evenly but there is a difference between having a tri ply layer on the bottom only and layers that continue up the sides of the pots.

For one thing, additional side layering is generally found on expensive cookware and this set is very inexpensive.


The long handles are not constructed in the usual way. They look like they were not completely finished. Underneath the handles are two “seams” that meet but they don’t overlap giving the appearance of two separate pieces of metal.

They are also open at the tip making it hollow. They get very hot, too. One owner said that if you need to touch the handle of the pot when you are using it, you need to wear an industrial strength oven mitt.

The fry pan (frying pan) has a long handle and a round “helper” handle as well. This gives you the option of using one or both hands to move it. Rivets, small amounts of metal, are used to connect the handle to the pot or pan.


The lids are glass with a steam vent. Glass lids are helpful to those who want to see their food as it cooks without removing the lid. The lids have a steam vent not always found on lids.

These are tiny little holes in the glass. Steam vents allow steam to escape from the pot helping to prevent spillovers when too much heat builds up from the pressure of the moisture inside.

Not all of the lids fit well and 3 lids for the set are all the same size even though the size of the set varies

Weight (Thickness)

These pots and pans are lightweight. For those who are not able to lift heavy objects this works well. It also makes them easy to move around.

But if you want the cooking benefits of stainless steel cookware, thin or lightweight will not do the job well. Lightweight stainless steel will also burn quickly. One owner put it this way: if you enjoy eating burned food, this set is for you.

Brushed or Mirror (Polished) Aluminum

This set is described as mirror polished inside and outside. There is no mention of the most common rating of stainless cookware–18/10.

This number refers to the amount of chromium and nickel in the metal to help it resist rust and corrosion. The use of the numbers 18/10 refers to a high probability that the set will not be prone to these factors.


Heim Concept Stainless Steel Cookware ReviewThe cookware is suitable for use on gas stoves, electric stoves, glass and ceramic cooktops. There is no mention of its ability to be used on induction cooktops nor whether it is safe to place the pots and pans inside the oven and if so, at what temperature.

The company website’s information is scarce with very brief descriptions and only an email contact for questions and support.

What’s Included In Set

Each pot and pan comes with its own glass lid but the pots and pans don’t always fit well. The lids have a steam escape valve.

  • 10.5 inch Fry pan with lid
  • 1.75 quart Sauce pan with lid
  • 1.75 quart Casserole with lid
  • 2.25 quart Casserole with lid
  • 3.25 quart Casserole with lid
  • 5.75 quart Casserole with lid


  • Steam vent in lids that allow steam to escape
  • Lightweight for those who cannot lift heavy objects


  • Lightweight not desirable for optimum cooking
  • Food burns
  • Handles get hot
  • No indication of what material is in the tri ply layers
  • Handles not constructed properly
  • Not all lids fit well
  • No indication of stainless steel grade
  • Company website lacks information
  • Email only form of contact with company and support

Consumer Ratings

This Heim set is not widely available and there are not a lot of consumer reviews of the product. There are some owners of this cookware who say they are pleased with their purchase but usually they indicate they weren’t expecting much because of the very low price.

Some reviewers love its shiny appearance, a feature that attracts many people to this metal. What I notice most about the reviews is that those who dislike the set are vehement in their belief that it is of poor quality and does not perform well. They mention food that burns easily which is indicative of thin layers and poor quality.


Price is unarguably low for this set. It’s good for those who need lightweight cookware because they cannot lift heavy objects. It’s good for those who just want something to cook in and would be happy with anything and are not concerned about its falling apart.

It’s good for those only interested in price and have low expectations to begin with. If you’d like to own a bright and shiny cheap set of cookware, you will be fine.

But for those who want stainless steel for its valued properties, this is not a good purchase choice. If you want a set that you feel confident that it’s constructed to prevent toxic chemicals from leaching into your food, you need to look elsewhere.

If you are looking for a set that will last a long time, keep looking. If you want to feel confident that your food will cook evenly and well without burning, this is not a good buying choice.

I suggest taking a look at the Cook N Home 12 Piece Stainless Steel Set.  For just a couple of dollars more, this set is an excellent buy with in excess of 1500 positive reviews online attesting to its quality. It is of medium weight and does not burn easily.

Food heats evenly and Its handles are comfortable and well constructed with a finished appearance. Each pot and pan has its own lid and there are 12 total pieces included. It’s also safe for induction cooktops stoves as well as electric stoves, gas stoves and glass cooktops. It can be used inside ovens and is dishwasher safe.Price check button


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