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Product NameRatingPrice# of PiecesTri PlyLid MaterialInduction Rated
Cuisinart MCP 12N4.7$200-30012Bottom & SidesStainless SteelY
Cuisinart 77 Chef's Classic 4.5$100-2007-17BottomStainless Steel
Cook N Home 12 Piece4.3$100 and under12BottomGlassY
Cook N Home 10 Piece4.1$100 and Under10BottomGlassY
Heim Concept Stainless Steel1.5$100 and Under12BottomGlassU
T-fal C836S Classic Reviews4.3$100-20010-13Bottom - 6 layersGlassY
Calphalon Classic 10 Piece4.5$100-20010BottomGlassY
Duxtop Induction 17 Piece Set4.5$200-30017BottomGlassY
Cooks Standard 12 Piece Multiply4.6$200-30012Bottom & SidesStainless SteelY
Cook N Home 8 Piece4.3$100 and Under8BottomGlassY
Cuisinart Red4.5$100-20011BottomGlassN
Rachael Ray Set Orange Handles4.3$100-20010BottomGlassY
Tools Trade4.4$100 and under12BottomGlassY



My ratings choices are based on online ratings plus my personal review of the products. In many instances, negative reviews of stainless steel cookware are given because the reviewers do not have a clear understanding of how to cook with stainless steel.  These reviewers state that food sticks to their pots and pans.  However, just a small amount of time to learn how to adjust heat when using this cookware, almost always solves the sticking problem. The highest rating possible is 5.0.