Best Pan For Roasting Turkey

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Best Stainless Steel Pan For Roasting Turkey

Best pan for roasting turkey

The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays bring to mind large meals surrounded by family and friends. Often, a delicious turkey is the center of these meals. All of this starts with the best pan for roasting turkey that you can own. That's because with all of the work that goes into making them so good that everyone wants seconds, you need the best equipment possible. So what are the features to consider when buying the best turkey roasting pan you can so that your turkey will turn out beautiful and moist.

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Features of the Best Roasting Pan For Turkeys

Size of Roasting Pan

A good roaster should accommodate your turkey well without it hanging over the sides of the pan. Juices will flow as the bird is being cooked so you don’t won’t to create a mess within your oven. You can easily find turkey roaster pans in 14 inch or 16 inch size with the l6 inch size accommodating turkeys up to about 25 pounds. A medium, 14 inch roaster will usually hold a bird up to about 20 pounds. It really depends on the individual brand as well as how deep the pan is. Also, keep in mind your oven’s size when choosing the right pan. If your oven is small, you may not be able to fit a large turkey in it.

Roasting Pans With Rack

Using a wire rack with your pan helps ensure that the turkey will cook evenly as the rack raises the bird so that heat can flow evenly underneath it. Most roasting pans intended for poultry like turkeys and chicken come with racks.


Look for handles that are comfortable to grasp especially if you plan to use the pan as a serving dish as well. At any rate, at some point you may have to move the roasting pan from one place to another and the weight with the turkey inside can be quite heavy. You want to be able to grab it as firmly as possible. Another consideration is heat of the handles. Some handles can get very hot. Always make sure you transfer the pan using adequate protection like pot holders or a thick dish towel.

Stainless Steel Turkey Roasting Pans

Using a stainless steel roasting pan is an ideal way to cook your turkey. Stainless steel has great health benefits. It does not contain toxic chemicals like non stick pots and pans can have. Because stainless steel pans are encased in a tri-ply construction of stainless steel and aluminum, it offers excellent heat distribution capability


What type of reviews does the pan get. Is it worth buying for the price. These are considerations to include when buying your pan. Reviews online from actual owners of the product can help you determine the right turkey roasting pan for your needs and occasion.

Best Stainless Steel Turkey Roasting Pans With Rack

Cuisinart Chef Classic 16 in Roasting Pan

To start off with, Cuisinart is a well-respected brand having numerous cookware products under its banner. This 16 inch roasting pan with rack It should hold a turkey or chicken comfortably up to 22 pounds. The handles are riveted on and very sturdy for transporting easily. There is approximately one inch between the bottom of the rack and the bottom of the pan giving plenty of room for heat to circulate underneath. Its stainless steel encapsulated base means that heat will distribute evenly throughout the pan. 

Precise Heat Roaster Baker With Lid And Rack

Precise Heat is not a well known brand, but this roaster baker gets the highest overall rating, 5 stars, on Amazon.  The lid makes it extra helpful in sealing in juices and the stainless steel material gives it optimum heating capability. It also includes a rack that raises the turkey above the pan. I love the fact that this pan can be used to roast your turkey on top of the stove. This frees up valuable space inside the oven to cook your other foods. There are double handles since it includes a lid. The lid is unique in that it can be used as a separate pan alone. It is even encapsulated with a tri ply base of stainless steel and aluminum. It can hold a 25 lb turkey comfortably.

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