Hi, I’m Gee and I am a former librarian.  It’s quite natural for me to over-research things I would like to own.  Mostly because I love research and have many years of experience doing so.  But I also like to know the real facts about products. I don’t like surprises that are disappointing.

There is a saying in the library world that, “librarians don’t know all the answers, but they know how to find them.” Well, I love to share my finds and would be happy to know that someone else can benefit from them, too.

Buying products online has become so easy! With the proliferation of sites like Amazon with its amazing variety of products, it’s also become fun to shop at any time in the comfort of my home. You could say, I am hooked. I buy almost as many products online as I do from brick and mortar stores which means I am constantly researching products.

I have two sweet grandkids and I find myself being pulled more and more towards the kitchen. Finding recipes to make them decorated treats or cakes for birthday parties or even discovering health alternatives to sugar overload, has become truly enjoyable.