5 Largest Stainless Steel Dish Racks

For those who prefer to hand wash their stainless steel pots and pans as well as their dishes, here are the  5 largest stainless steel dish racks that will best accommodate your large items.

Dish racks come in very handy because they allow you to stack your items so that you can harness the power of the air in the room. As the air circulates around your pots, pans and dishes, they will dry on their own. This saves you a lot of time from having to dry them yourself. So here is a helpful list of dish racks that are large enough to hold your stainless steel pots and pans as well as your dishes and other items.

Largest Size Dish Drying Racks

Surpahs Over the Sink Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack

The Surpah Over the Sink drying rack isn’t your typical dish rack. It’s a one-piece design that sits flat over a sink. When not in use, you can roll it up and put it away freeing your sink area for other uses. It’s coated with silicone which protects your pots and pans from abrasions and it is very durable. An added bonus is the fact that this type of dish rack can be used for other purposes. Place your cutting board on top and it easily catches any cuttings for quick disposal. Use it as a cooling rack for your baked goods or even use it to thaw frozen foods. It’s the most versatile dish rack on this list.

Size – Dimensions

20-1/2"L x 13-1/8"W x 1/4"H

Simple Human Dish Rack with Wine Glass Holder

With the Simple Human Stainless steel frame dishrack you even get a special removable area to hold your wine glasses and still have plenty of space for other dishes or pots and pans. But that’s not all, a separate natural bamboo wood block holds your knives separate from the traditional utensil caddy. Water from your utensils drain very well into the sink with its small adjustable sprout.

Size – Dimensions

21.8 x 20.2 x 14.3 inches

Polder KTH-615 Advantage Dish Rack

The Polder Dish rack is made of brushed stainless steel which does not rust. However, it has a plastic slide out drain tray which it sits upon. This tray can be completely removed to provide additional drain space or can be used as a drain board for things like frozen vegetables. It’s moderately priced and gets good reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars from 280 customer reviews.

Size – Dimensions

19-inch-by-14-inch- by-6-inch, the removable tray measures 14-1/4-inch-by-13-1/4-inch.

VAPSINT Extra Large Dish Drying Rack

The Vapsint is an inexpensive stainless steel dish drying rack that is intended for use over a sink. It, too, rolls up and can be stored conveniently out of sight when not in use. It works well on double sinks where you can use one side for drying while the other side of the sink remains free. It gets the highest rating of all of the models listed-4.8 stars.

Size - Dimensions

20.8 x 2.4 x 2.2 inches

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